France’s power

France is a power that counts on the international scene: it is at the 6th position in the world GDP ranking in 2018. It is a member of G8 and G20. France is one of the founding members of the United Nations and plays an important role. She is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council alongside the United States, Great Britain, Russia and China. France is also a nuclear power.

With 60 million tourists each year, the tourism industry is a major sector for the economy in France. France ranks 2nd in the world for the agri-food industry. It is also the 2nd maritime power and the 6th largest military power in terms of spending.

In the European Union, France is the leading agricultural power: it produces about 1/3 of cereals, wine, milk, meat of the EU. France is also the second largest industrial power (behind Germany). Intra-EU trade accounts for the majority of France’s exports (59%). The same goes for imports: 69% of imports come from EU Member States.

To find out more about the economy and fields of activity in France, visit the INSEE website.