The Ensemble en France project

Discovering France and its language, understanding its values, living there every day

A project by France terre d’asile


SamSam is a bilingual online guide providing practical information to help foreigners in France.

This guide orientates them and help them find their feet in their everyday life in France.

SamSam is part of the Ensemble en France project, along with the blog and the MOOC – each part of the project decodes in its own way France’s complexity, its values and its red tape and allows the reader to discover the shades of the French language and to master them.

The purpose of the project is to make France understandable to foreign people, to help them navigate through their new territory by giving them the keys so that everyone, new comers and “already there” immigrants can live together (“ensemble en France”) in harmony.

As a part of this project, the SamSam guide gathers reliable, useful information for Non-French people, coming from Europe or another country, whatever their situation: asylum seekers, refugees, students or people who came through family reunion.

SamSam offers varied resources: administrative information, practical services, maps, pictures, videos… They are organized in 9 main categories and will give you information on residence permits, universities, free museums and going to school in France. The guide contains interactive maps, for example a map of the préfectures, it also invites you to take part in civic life or comes back on French history through national museums’ paintings…


The Ensemble en France blog

The blog is divided into 3 categories that focus on everyday life: “Does it sound strange to you?”, “Why not women?” and “Foreigner in France?”. The blog offers short texts in easy-to-understand French that can be used by French teachers as teaching material and serve as a support for a debate.

The 3 categories have the following purposes: reassure, orientate and exchange.

  • Reassure by showing the way to immigrants willing to live in France by emphasizing the role of immigration
  • Orientate by decoding some cultural or social French habits and by answering frequently asked questions on education, family, laïcité…
  • Exchange by sharing “good practice” on women’s rights and by promoting gender equality


The Ensemble en France MOOC

The MOOC is a free training program with 60 videos subtitled in 7 languages to help you understand the French Republic and its values. It also help you learn French. This pedagogical training on the values of the Republic and on the French language is built around storied that mix class material (mainly the videos) and fun activities to help learners remember. All the principles of the French Republic, such as democracy, freedom of opinion, equality, laïcité, Republican school, new family structures, work… are decoded in the MOOC.

Ensemble en France, with the MOOC, the blog and the guide is the first complete online resources pack (available on computer and mobile devices) on the French society aiming at immigrants. It answers their everyday cultural questions.