City hall – Mairie

The mairie (city hall) is a key place for anyone living in France.

You will get informed, orientated and helped for your everyday life procedures.

It offers many services about:

  • Civil status (wedding, birth…)
  • Education (school enrolment, canteen application…)
  • Social welfare (with a Social Action Center (in French, Centre Communal d’Action Sociale – CCAS) which offers legal orientation and supports financially and technically other social actions)
  • Maintenance and protection of the city (parks…)
  • Culture (museums, public libraries…)
  • Sports and hobbies (sport events)
  • And many other services because each city hall has its specificities

Each of the 35,228 French cities depends on a mairie. For more information, go to your city’s mairie or read this presentation.