Online trainings (MOOCs)

MOOCs are online trainings. Usually, you can apply and follow the class for free but you need to pay to get a certificate.

There are MOOCs in all areas.

These are the most famous MOOCs in French:

  • The MOOC Ensemble en France is a free training path in permanent access with many videos and exercises. It will help you to better understand the French values and culture.
  • Fun-MOOC and MOOC francophone are listing online classes from many universities and higher education establishments in a selection of areas. The access to these classes is limited.
  • Travailler en France A2-B1 : professional French course
  • is an index created by the French Ministry for higher education. It lists a lot of MOOCs in all areas.
  • Unisciel offers MOOCs in the field of sciences (maths, physics, chemistry and biology)