Republican Integration Contract

The Republican Integration Contract (in French “contrat d’intégration républicaine” – CIR) aims at newly arrived immigrants who are willing to stay durably in France. After starting the procedures at the French Immigration and Integration Office (in French “office français d’immigration et d’intégration” – OFII), the immigrant will be called in to sign the Republican Integration Contract.

The Contract is a one-year The immigrant commits himself to respect the principles and values of the French society and of the Republic, by taking part to trainings (civic training and linguistic training if his/her French level is not sufficient).

Exempted people are the ones who:

  • Hold a temporary residence permit (visitor, student, intern, temporary worker, private and family life)
  • Are EU-citizens
  • Studied in France during at least one academic year
  • Went to a French secondary education establishment (in France or abroad) for at least 3 academic years
  • Are aged 16 to 18 and can apply for a residence permit or for French nationality

To know more about the Republican Integration Contract, go to OFII’s website or read the booklet “Living in France” (available in many languages).

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