Reception facilities for Asylum seekers

You must go to a reception facility for Asylum seekers (in French, “structure de premier accueil pour demandeurs d’asile” – SPADA) to register a pre-application for asylum and to make an appointment with the guichet unique pour demandeurs d’asile (GUDA).

In Île-de-France, you must first make an appointment by calling this number: 01 42 500 900. For more information, read OFII’s leaflet (also available in Pashto, Arabic and French). In every other region, you can go directly to the closest SPADA.

You cannot go to the guichet unique pour demandeurs d’asile (GUDA) directly nor to OFPRA (French office for protection of refugees and stateless people).

For more information about Asylum Application, read the French Ministry of the Interior’s Guide for Asylum Seekers (available in 20 languages).