Online resources

Many resources are available online to help you get more familiar with the French language and culture.

Need dictionaries and multilingual translation tools online ? the lexilogos site offers a multitude of resources. Traducmed is an execellent multilingual translation tool that helps in the medical care 

The MOOC Ensemble en France is a free training path in permanent access with many videos and exercises. It will help you to better understand the French values and culture.

TV5 Monde Apprendre platform offers interactive exercises for every French level and app : Iphone , Android

RFI Savoirs is a French radio channel with exercises, files and podcasts to learn and teach French, for example the Journal en français facile, a daily 10-minute podcast.

Alliances Françaises offer 3 online classes for 3 different levels. Go to Fun-MOOC for more information.

The point du FLE offers many exercises and audio resources on a selection of subjects, including grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Solodou offers online the first tools to learn to read and write independently !

Quioz is a free language learning app