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I am an asylum seeker. Can I get free health care?

If you are ‘normal procedure’, you can benefit from free medical protection. This is the Universal health care coverage (Couverture medicale universelle – CMU) that allows you to reach some health and care services without having to pay medical or hospital expenses. The CMU is a French social welfare programme concerning public health.

In the meantime, you can receive care from general access to health care facilities (Permanences d’accès aux soins de santé – Pass). PASS allow medical and social care for people in need of care but who have difficulty accessing it.

If you are placed in priority procedure, you can benefit from the state medical assistance after more than three months of uninterrupted residence in France.

– Some NGOs also provide health care for those who do not have any health assurance;

–  The service of Mother and childhood protection (Protection Maternelle et Infantile – PMI) can also help families with kids up to the age of 6 years old.

More information about the CMU :

More information about the PASS: (in french)